News “DISCOVERDALE” trailer

17 Apr

Un ragazzo insieme ai suoi amici (che sono anche la sua band) gira l’Europa alla ricerca di DAVID COVERDALE, che a quanto sembra è suo padre.

Mi sa che questo film vada visto.


Discoverdale depicts a fly-on-the-wall film crew following cult comedy rock band Dead Cat Bounce on a desperate quest across Europe to reunite lead singer Jim with his long-lost father, who he believes is Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale.

Crossing Ireland, England, Norway and Denmark, the band follow the Whitesnake Forevermore tour across Europe. They’ve got no money and no idea what they’re doing – just blind faith that one day soon Jim will be sharing a jacuzzi in a five-star hotel with the Dad Of His Dreams…

Following our posting of Discoverdale‘s trailer yesterday, we tracked down DC himself to get his thoughts on the movie.

Was the film done with your knowledge/co-operation or did they simply “stalk” you?

DC: Both, to be honest.

Have you seen the film in its entirety or just the trailer?

DC: They agreed they would keep us updated with all cuts and edits, and yes, we saw and approved the final cut and I’m hoping to get a copy to watch while we’re touring. It’s a crack…

So you’ve seen the film in its entirety – what do you think of it?

DC: It’s very funny and the cast and crew did a stellar job. I feel it will do well. It has some very “real” moments.

Are you honoured or perhaps slightly embarrassed by the project?

DC: Neither. It’s just a bit of fun… a lot of fun. I’m glad we went along with it.

Did they ask you to play a cameo role at all?

DC: I “play” myself throughout the flick. Not sure I’m BAFTA worthy, mind you!

Do you think the comedy aspect of the film will harm or hinder your career?

DC: It was never a consideration. It was a project that sounded like – and in fact was – a very, very amusing premise. Er… may I ask what you mean by “hindering” my career? I think that’s been tried before, mate, and I’m still here! It’s a very funny, sweet, laugh-out-loud flick.

Theoretically, would you have embraced Jim as your son if a paternity test proved positive?

DC: You mean, am I a man who feels accountable and responsible for his actions? Yes, I am.
Jim’s “Mam” was pretty hot too, if memory serves. Belfast, ’84, I remember it well. The Slide It In tour…

– Interview: Geoff Barton


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