FREE APPRECIATION SOCIETY magazine issue 138 – april 2017

28 Apr


Numero 138 per la fanzine dei FREE diretta dal grande David Clayton. L’articolo principale di questo numero è THE YEAR THAT WAS 1977, una lunga considerazione e rilettura dei due album del mondo FREE che uscirono in quell’anno, ovvero BURNIN’ SKY della BAD COMPANY e il primo album dei CRAWLER (la band di PAUL KOSSOFF in origine chiamata BACK STREET CRAWLER e che una volta perso il leader accorciò il nome).

Come al solito il lavoro di  CLAYTON è eccellente, sarà che sono un ultra fan della BC e che BURNIN’ SKY è uno dei miei album “obliqui” preferiti, ma leggere le 11 (!) pagine dedicate al quarto album della mia band del cuore è stato bellissimo. 8 pagine poi sono dedicate a THE GLASGOW AFFAIR, il resoconto della mia avventura in Scozia pubblicato sul blog qualche mese fa. Probabilmente è troppo lo spazio dedic allo scriba miserello che sono ma a quanto pare David ama quel tipo di resoconti.

Oltre a questo, notizie, recensioni, la cartella stampa delle imminenti nuove deluxe edition della BAD CO, e contributi di altri lettori al Swan Song Uk Tour del 2016 della BC. Molto buona la qualità della carta, e niente male il lavoro grafico. Come sempre un numero da non perdere.


(broken) ENGLISH

Number 138 for the FREE fanzine directed by the great David Clayton. The main item of this issue is THE YEAR THAT WAS 1977, a long review and re-reading of the two albums of planet FREE that came out that year, namely BURNIN ‘SKY of BAD COMPANY and the first CRAWLER album (PAUL KOSSOFF’s band originally called BACK STREET CRAWLER).

As usual CLAYTON’s work is excellent, maybe it’s I am an ultra fan of BC and BURNIN ‘SKY is one of my favorite “oblique” albums, but to read the 11 (!) pages dedicated to the fourth album of the band it is a wonderful experience. 8 pages are then dedicated to THE GLASGOW AFFAIR, the account of my adventure in Scotland (BC show at the Hydro on 25 oct 2016) posted on the blog a few months ago. Probably too much space for the miserable scribe I am but apparently David loves that kind of tale.

In addition to this, news, reviews, the upcoming BAD CO deluxe edition press release, and contributions from other readers for the 2016 Swan Song Uk Tour of  BC. Very good paper quality, and quite good graphic work. As always a must read.



Free Appreciation Society Magazine – Issue #138

‘The Year That Was … 1977’

Old Farts And New Starts / Burnin’ Sky – Crawler – Koss

The debut album by Cry Of Love / Free fanatics Rebelhot from Italy reviewed.

From Nashville, Tennessee hard grooving Free Fans Lohrs and ‘Lohrs III’ reviewed.

‘Hollywood To Deadwood’ : Finally the movie with KKTR’s ‘Just For The Box’ on the soundtrack revealed, plus other movies with Free music included.

Tim Tirelli’s review of Bad Company in Glasgow 2016 –  all the way from Italy for his first Bad Co. Show  + reader reviews from other shows including ‘Meet & Greet’ reports.

Full press release for the May 2017 Bad Company deluxe editions of ‘Run With The Pack’ and ‘Burnin’ Sky. Complete details with listings for both CDs and vinyl.

The Year That was… 1977.

Feature article (20 pages) covering the releases of ‘Burnin’ Sky’, the ‘Crawler’ debut and the ‘Koss’ compilation. With reviews, press and information on the collectables from around the world for these albums, and more. Includes full colour photographs of covers and label variations.

For subscribers this will be in the post on Thursday April 20th. If you don’t subscribe you can get a copy via the email on this site (See the ‘Welcome’ section in the right margin). Just let me know which issue you want, where you are and I’ll send a Paypal invoice.

This issue can also be found on Ebay along with some older ones where they can be purchased from anywhere in the world.

48 pages all in full colour –  Don’t miss it.

Superb magazine. Essential reading for Rock fans.

You are buying a brand new copy; this is not previously owned or read. It comes straight from the FAS. If you enjoy it why not ask about a subscription.

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  1. Lorenzo Stefani 30/04/2017 a 11:25 #

    Complimenti scriba internazionale! Bravo

    Mi piace


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